NEZF FD Environmental Scan
At the April 2019 NEZF meeting in Rochester, NY, the 12 member regions participated in a strategic planning session. One objective that came out of the strategic planning session was for the NEZF to increase delivery of services across all states and regions within the zone. One approach to increasing service delivery within the zone was to create a Fellowship Development (FD) Ad Hoc.

Chapter 12 of the PR Handbook defines Fellowship Development as: "providing supportive services to any NA member, group, service body or NA community in need. The goal of any Fellowship Development effort is to communicate with and assist NA members and groups."
The purpose of the FD Ad Hoc is to create a strategic plan for FD. The scan that follows is the first step in the FD strategic planning process and is meant to create a general picture of the local NA communities and identify the most common challenges and needs of the groups and service bodies.The results of the survey will be used by the Ad Hoc to inform the creation of  a plan that addresses the most common issues within our local NA communities.

Much like when we work the steps in our personal recovery, we start with an inventory (the scan) before we develop a plan to get better. Our suggestion is to fill out the scan at your RSC and/or ask RCMs to workshop the scan at their ASCs, however the survey is open to be filled out by any member, group or service body within the NEZF.

The response deadline for the survey is September 30, 2019.Surveys can be filled out via the attached google form link ( ), or filled out by hand, scanned and emailed  to, or you can take pictures of the filled out scan and text the pictures to 315-719-6387.

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