Script for Seeking Champions for PLAY!
Thank you for volunteering to help Sophie & Madigan's Playground seek sponsors for our park project! The script below has been created to help us keep information centralized as well as to assist you in making the call!

**Before getting started**

Familiarize yourself with the sponsor packet and the language that we use inside.

This will help you "make the sale" to potential sponsors.

Then take the assessment

**Before you make the call**

Take a minute to fill out the first 9 questions, your name and email, and the business name and contact info. This will help us keep track of who has been contacted who needs a follow up etc. Most of this information will be a simple copy and paste from the google sheet which can be found below

Read through all of the questions and answers here ~ it's helps if you know what to expect. Remember this is a tool to help guide you, but it will never replace the value of your true human interaction so while the prompts are helpful they're not perfect!

Know what you want to ask for! If you're calling a coffee shop it might not make sense to ask for sponsorship of the pod at 150k, they're just going to say no right off the bat. You should cater your call to the place you are calling, a larger business will be more likely to become a major sponsor, while smaller businesses will be more willing to sponsor a leaf or flower on the sponsor wall.

Have the Sponsor Pack PDF open for easy reference. you can find that information can be found below

**During the Call**

*Do your best to follow the questions provided to help stay on track and make sure you haven't forgotten anything but feel free to ad lib as needed. If there is any missing information on questions 1-9 be sure to try to get that information.

It helps to remember that you are offering them an opportunity to be a part of a once in a lifetime opportunity, to honor Sophie and Madigan by creating a space where all kids can play together. Countless memories will be made in this place you're not just asking for a favor! With that in mind, not everyone you call will say yes. In fact most will not say yes, some may want more information, some might say we can't help right now, and some may give you a flat our no! Don't get discouraged! That's perfectly normal and it's nothing to be concerned about. Just do your best, stay upbeat, friendly, positive, and polite.
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Have you taken the readiness quiz? *
If the answer is no please do not proceed with calls. Take a few minutes to review the Sponsor Packet PDF linked above *
Business you are calling *
Name of the Business you are calling.
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Address of the Business you are calling
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Phone Number of the Business you are calling *
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Name of the person who answered your call
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Business Owner/Manager Name
Enter the Name of the business owner or manager for the business you are speaking with
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Email address of the business owner or manager
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Hello, My name is [your name] with Sophie & Madigan’s Playground. May I please speak with the owner or manager
If Available: Hello, My name is [your name] with Sophie & Madigan’s Playground. Do you have a few minutes to speak with me about the our mission to build the City of Fredericks first accessible playground?
Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today. I work with Sophie & Madigan’s Playground. Our organization is opening Frederick Citys first accessible playground. (Pause, smile, breathe, continue) We are in need of a few supporters to help us ensure that we are able to meet the play need of everyone in our community. We have many ways to get involved and I was wondering if you might be interested in becoming a Champion of PLAY today?
Thanks so much for your interest! We have lots of ways to get involved. (go over the sponsor options, Having a solid ask makes it more likely to get a solid answer. For example We were wondering if your business might be interested in becoming a Play, Learn Create Sponsor... at this level you
Any further notes or details for this business
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