Help us build out the the world's largest resource on company culture initiatives.
Hi friend. Over the past few months, we've been collecting inspiring examples of excellent company culture initiatives.

We've begun to assemble them into a massive resource online. We've been referring to it as the world largest online resource on company culture initiatives. Think but for company culture initiatives.

If your company is doing something innovative or unique, and it's having a significant impact on your business; we want to highlight it.

(Add the relevant information into the form below, and we'll add your initiative to our resource with whatever information you'd like. Have questions or ideas? We're all ears. Send them to

Here are some ideas we've received so far as potential prompts:
- better align around a culture with a Company Culture Handbook
- work together more collaboratively by introducing quarterly improv exercises into team meetings
- focus a customer-facing team on their impact and serving customers first with weekly Customer Delight meetings

We can't wait to surface these initiatives with the world.)

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