SOAK*2019 Census
Did you go to SOAK this year? Take 5 minutes to help us gain a better understanding of the temporary community we serve. We’ll use the information you provide (this year and in following years) to evaluate our hiring practices, create financial support mechanisms, adjust our policies, improve our written materials, and better train our volunteers.

This survey is anonymous. We will not contact you about your answers. We will not sell this information, or give it away, or use it to market dumb stuff to you. We promise.
Years you attended SOAK (select all that apply):
Your age:
Ethnicities (or races) you identify with (select all that apply):
Your gender identity:
Your sexual orientation:
Your relationship orientation
Your relationship status
Your religious or spiritual identity (select all that apply):
Your political party affiliation
Highest education level you have completed:
Your total household income before taxes during the past 12 months:
Your current residence:
Do you have children?
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