EV Manufacturer Regional Leader Support Letter
February [12], 2021

Dear All-Electric Vehicle Manufacturer,

We the undersigned regional leaders of the Greater Houston area wish to support all-electric vehicle supply chain industry and jobs in the Greater Houston area. The Greater Houston region presents unmatched potential to support such business enterprises and we enthusiastically encourage you to consider building your next all-electric vehicle manufacturing facility in the Greater Houston area.

Internationally recognized as a global energy center, Greater Houston is committed to building a new energy future and extending regional leadership as the energy capital of the world. We have the necessary workforce, leadership, and investment capacity to achieve that vision and we are committed to supporting partnerships and enterprises that can help us bring it to fruition.

Representing nearly 30% of annual energy consumption, transportation is a key component of this region’s new energy vision and it is therefore imperative that Houston attract all-electric vehicle manufacturing and supply chain enterprises to this region. With ample road, rail, and marine transportation together with access to America’s largest supply of wind energy, the Greater Houston area is attractively situated to support the logistics and energy needs of an all-electric vehicle manufacturer. Our workforce includes an unparalleled number of chemical engineers and energy professionals who can build your vehicles and batteries “Houston Strong”.

This region is also an attractive market for sell all-electric vehicles. Local fleets and consumers purchase more than 300,000 new vehicles annually, of which over 70% are pickups and SUVs, and the all-electric proportion of these vehicle purchases is rapidly growing. The residents of this region buy more trucks than anyone in the most truck-buying state in the nation, and as EV trucks come available, Houston is well-positioned to become the "EV Truck Capital of the World".

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Chair of Climate Mayors, has committed to electrifying 100% of the City’s light-duty, non-emergency vehicles by 2030. CenterPoint Energy has added its own commitment to electrify 100% of its light duty vehicles and 10% of its heavy-duty vehicles within the same timeframe. Furthermore, EVolve Houston is working with other regional fleets to support development of many more regional fleet assessments and electrification targets.

With such attractive factors of production and demand, Houston is an excellent location for an all-electric vehicle manufacturing facility. We the undersigned are committed to supporting all-electric vehicle manufacturing and supply chain businesses that will build vehicles “Houston Strong” within this region. As you consider potential locations for your next all-electric vehicle manufacturing facility, we recommend you place Greater Houston at the top of your list.


[we the undersigned Greater Houston stakeholders]

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