Green Stairwell Series - Art Submission
Green Stairwell Concert Series (GSCS) curates collaborations between contemporary art & music disciplines to provide unique and powerful concert experiences for limited attendance audiences.

We are currently seeking paintings, photographs, or any kind of images to release in a limited edition in conjunction with our concert series. Any chosen artist will be compensated $500 for exclusive rights to release an edition of the chosen piece.


GSCS I.III - Beauty in Death (Third Practice, Vocal Ensemble)
*Beauty can be found in death through religion / relief / counterpart to birth / return of matter - reincarnation / everyone
*4 singers and a Theorbo in a stairwell, the music will be both old (Rennaissance / Baroque) and new (living composers)
*Part of the point is that not all newly composed music is harsh or inaccessible, even when portraying the macabre.
3/22 - 3/24/2019

GSCS I.IV - Timber (Qua Qua Qua Percussion Sextet)
*Michael Gordon's Timber, with interactive lights, dynamic audience placement, and temporary art gallery
*Instruments will be wood from condemned houses of Baltimore - themes of displacement, homelessness, disconnectedness
5/31 - 6/2/2019


GSCS encourages the creative cooperation of a wide variety of musicians, visual artists, dancers, photographers / filmmakers, designers, and technicians to include their own expertise towards making a program effective. We strive to find artists who are passionate about their craft and about collaboration, and in so doing seek to promote them to a wider audience and to each others’ audiences.

GSCS curates programs with audience experience as the priority by exploring unusual performance venues, by attempting to evoke and manipulate elusive emotional reactions, and by limited audience numbers to between 20 and 50 per show. Programs are replaced by newly commissioned art prints, with basic programming information on the reverse, which serve as collectible and tangible art that each member can take with them. Community members can see the result of their financial support directly through individual sponsorship of a musician, artist, or technician.

GSCS is a proponent of both new and rarely performed works, but is driven by a desire to contextualize those that are abstract or relatively inaccessible in order to make them appreciable by a larger audience. Composers and creators should be diverse in background, and programming should attain male-female parity; therefore these factors are considered when determining a season, and are incentivized through the participation of an outside advocacy organization in the curation process.

GSCS seeks to make powerful art more accessible, both as a part of the series itself and by supporting other organizations which advocate for education, accessibility, and inclusion. Through creative collaboration, we aim to extend the sensory reach of music and art by itself, and through proper contextualization, we aim to help new audiences fall in love with new and abstract works. A partner organization receives 50% of all ticket sales to further their goals, helps to find audience members who might not otherwise experience this kind of art, and offers input into the curation of the following season.

Check out to see examples of completed projects.

We're looking for a pieces of art to complement a concert series. If your work is accepted, we will pay you $500 for exclusive rights to distribute short run series of the work attached to the program of one of the concerts listed above.
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If your work is accepted you will be asked to sign a contract with the following conditions:
-You will never distribute a physical reproduction of the chosen work of less than 48 inches along the shortest side.

-You will never distribute nor post online any digital reproduction of the chosen work greater than 2000x2000 pixels.

-You will consent to Green Stairwell Series printing and distributing a limited edition of that work however they see fit to do so.

-You will be compensated $500 USD if your work is chosen for inclusion.

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Please upload up to ten images for consideration. You will require a google account.
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Thank you for submitting your work for consideration.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Jeffrey L. Gangwisch

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