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We gather to practice nonviolence and relational skillfulness to increase our capacity to participate in creating the worlds we imagine, worlds of justice, peace, and liberation for all beings.

We make the world and the world makes us. Part of our practice is dismantling systems of oppression and addressing the ways in which we participate in and are affected by these systems in the everyday moments in our everyday lives. How we've been shaped by the world differs based on our identity, positionality, and life experience. As we become aware of habitual patterns, the possibility opens to evolve these ways of being, transforming ourselves and our world. The way we participate in change making looks different for all of us. We need it all. We welcome wherever growth edge you're working at.

Creating worlds that support the well-being of us all is an ongoing process of healing, inquiry, learning, and practice. This is a space for practice. This practice inevitably takes us into tender territory as we cultivate new ways of being. The intention is to create a strong container that can hold us in this practice. We make this space together.

To support our container and our work together, we ask that all participants practice living into the following agreements. These agreements help us engage in generative practice together, support transformational growth, and reduce the risk of harm as we learn together. These agreements are aspirational. We frame them as a practice because living into these agreements is a practice.

*A note on ‘we’ language:
These words were originally written by Sarah Bunting, adapted based on input from fellow organizer astrid montuclard (lower case intended), with changes suggested by participants of the practice group. We chose to use ‘we’ language to reflect the many voices that have shaped these agreements and to invite you into the ‘we’ of this community as it emerges.
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