Admin Survey for EAs
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Please carefully consider your answers- responses will identify what your principals are doing well and also areas in which they need help. Honest and thoughtful feedback will be the most helpful for teachers and school leaders as they move forward. Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated. All answers are confidential and anonymous.
Communication - The admin team values my opinion and feedback.
Communication - The admin team communicates with me objectively, sensitively, fairly, and ethically.
Communication - The admin team supports relationships that promote teaching and learning in the school community through communication skills such as speaking, writing, and active listening.
Professional Development- My admin team provides me opportunities to improve in my ability to support students/teachers.
Operations Management- The admin team manages the school campus and day to day operations to ensure that the environment is safe and clean for students and staff and the school is operating efficiently.
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