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IDEAS for VIRTUAL ITEMS: You'll earn up to 20XP for each unique ware suggestion submitted; the more detail you include (name of item, type of item, what its effect is, and the write-up describing the item) and the closer the voice is to the one the GM uses on virtual item descriptions, the more points you earn. If the item is good enough that it is created and used in the game, you may get one as a reward for creating it.

IDEAS for QUESTS should include all the same information that is posted on the list of Open Quests. You'll earn up to 24 XP based on Ideas and Organization. A bonus gift (a virtual item for your avatar) will be given to you if the GM decides to use your submission as an actual quest option.

IDEAS for KINGDOM NEWS ITEMS generally earn anywhere up to 36 XP based on their length and the depth and quality of the Ideas. Longer or especially well-crafted submissions may earn more. If used in the actual Kingdom News, a virtual item will be rewarded as well.

If you submit an IDEA for something else or offer a useful SUGGESTION, the GM will devise a reward suitable for the complexity and quality of the submission.

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If this is a virtual item, what XP boost or trait boost should this offer? If it's a quest, what should the reward be (and which traits should the reward be based upon)?
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Please understand that the GM always reserves the right to change your suggestions, rewrite portions, and/or edit/proofread as needed to keep the game fair, balanced, and generally awesome.
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