Custom app form - Swedish
With this form we ask information and images that we need in order to publish the requested custom app in the Google Play store (Android phones/tablets) and Apple's App store (iPhones and iPads).

Here you can see the aNewSpring MemoTrainer App store pages for inspiration:

Please provide all required information in Swedish. If you have any questions feel free to contact our support team at
Email address *
Contact person Apple account and custom app
We would like to keep you informed about updates of the app or necessary changes in the Apple account.
First name, last name *
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2e Contact person (optional)
First name, last name
Email address
General information about your app in the App stores
Fill in the app-specific password *
Creating an app-specific password can be found in the support article at step 4.
Company name *
This name will be used in the iTunes store and cannot be changed afterwards.
App name - max 30 characters *
This name will be used in the App stores and on the home screen of the users phone.
Subtitle - max 30 characters
A summary of the app that will appear under the app's name on the Apple store for customers with devices running iOS 11 or later.
App description - max 4000 characters *
A description is required in the app store. For example, describe your app, detailing features and functionality.
Short description - max 80 characters *
A short version of the description used in some App Store previews.
Keywords - max 100 characters *
One or more keywords that describe the app you are adding. When users search the App Store, the terms they enter are matched with keywords to return more accurate results. Separate multiple keywords with commas. Example: aNewSpring, elearning, adaptive, training.
Support URL *
URL to a support site your user can visit for help. If you do not have an URL, you can use this one:
Marketing URL
URL with information about the app you are adding. Example:
Email *
Enter a contact email address. This address will be publicly displayed at the Android app in the store.
Privacy policy URL *
Link to a webpage with privacy policy related content. It is possible to use:
For the main category the app will always be listed in: Education. Please choose one additional category that further describes your app. Choose from the list below.
Rating *
Apple will use the following list to give the app a rating for the age category.
Infrequent / Mild
Frequent / Intense
Cartoon or fantasy violence
Realistic violence
Prolonged graphic or sadistic realistic violence
Profanity or crude humor
Mature / suggestive themes
Horror / fear themes
Medical / treatment information
Alcohol, tobacco, or drug use or references
Simulated gambling
Sexual content or nudity
Graphic sexual content or nudity
What's new in this version?
When you update the app in the store, there is a required field to fill in what's new in that version.
Is this request for updating an existing custom app? *
What's new in this version? Required if your previous answer was 'Yes'. - max 4000 characters
aNewSpring environment URL's
Your specific link to the aNewSpring platform *
This URL will be used in the app so that your users don’t have to type it in themselves and can get started right away. Example: If you want to use a custom URL, be aware that there has to be installed an SSL certificate on our servers. See for more information the support article
Course in the aNewSpring platform for screenshots *
Please provide us with a link or name of a course in your aNewSpring environment. We use use the content for screenshots in the App Stores. By default, we make the following three screenshots: Home, overview of the learning journey and the first page within the first activity. Example link:, Example template name: Tea course
Apple review
Before your app is allowed to be placed in the App Store, it has to be reviewed by Apple. Therefore we need to create an user in the learning environment in which Apple is allowed access. The following information is needed.
Template in the aNewSpring platform in order to make a copy *
We shall make a copy of the template you provided. This copy is only used to give Apple access to as a learner. No dummy content is allowed in this copy. We need the link to the copied template and the name of the template. Example: Example: Link: Template name: Tea course
In the app we also support SSO. If you use SSO, the reviewer has to be able to login. You can come about this in two different ways.
For the approval, we need visuals. Please read our article 'A custom app with your own branding' ( for the approval and the required visuals.

We need evidence for Google and Android to proof that you have been given permission for using your brand name and logo to create a custom app.

Please fill in and sign the approval, which you can find in de attachment of the mentioned article.
Please provide us the following images. These will be used to customize your app.

General technical requirements:
Please avoid transparency in the images.
PNG format with a minimum of 72 dpi resolution.

App icon - Will be used in the App store and on the homescreen of the users.
Splash screen - Image will be shortly shown when the app starts.
Logo - Will be shown in the app above the login fields.
Checklist *
Please provide the following items in a ZIP-file to
Optional: Full Screen splashscreen image for the iPhone app
A full-screen splash screen image in Android apps is not possible because the image will be stretched on Android devices. Optionally you can provide us an extra splash screen for the iPhone app. When you want to use a logo, it is the best when you place it in the middle within a square of 1000 x 1000 pixels. Everything that falls outside that square could be omitted on some mobile screens because of the resolution.
Comments and/or questions
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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