Red River Resole
We are a group of rock climbers at Start Up Weekend in Lexington, KY, just an hour and a half drive from the beautiful Red River Gorge. Our idea is Red River Resole, a rock climbing shoe resoling company near the Red River Gorge to serve climbers based in the area and climbers who visit any time or year for any amount of time. By the end of the weekend (11/19/17) we are trying to determine if there are people interested in this service. We are not up and running yet, but if we get enough feedback, we might get started sometime soon.

Please let us know your honest thoughts and any ideas you have for us. The main reason we are starting this is because I just honestly want someone to resole my shoes close by. If no one does it, I'll try to make it real. If you want to keep up to date on what we are doing, check in with our website at, subscribe to our email list, and/or check out our social media pages. We will share updates with everyone by the end of the weekend.

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