with Gabrielle Revlock - Fridays, 5-6pm EST, 2020
Twenty minutes of cardio followed by thirty-five minutes of a restorative touch and movement practice. Beginner friendly. If you are the person who likes "a little bit of both" (ex. salad and fries) this might be the class for you.

20 minutes of dance cardio with a focus on clapping. The palms contain nerve and blood vessel endings and stimulating them through clapping helps improve the health of organs like the kidney, heart and digestive tract. Clapping improves blood circulation and boosts white blood cells, which fight germs. It's also helpful for people struggling with insomnia, anxiety and depression.

35 minutes of body-centered mindfulness activities. Participants will tune their ability to listen through the skin and let go of unwanted tension, emerging with a deep sense of peace and calm.

• We come together in this class because community is a grounding practice. Instead of thinking of it as a self-care class, let's just call it care.
• Sometimes you will follow along and sometimes you'll be asked to improvise. Improvisation is a life skill. Everything is adaptable.
• All levels welcome. You can adjust the cardio to make it higher or lower intensity. If you need help figuring out the right adaptation for yourself message me.
• I ask for video ON at the beginning and end of the practice so we can greet each other and close out together but when we are doing the exercises you are welcome to turn your video off.

>>>>Please use the form to register **by 4pm** on the date you wish to attend and you will send a link to join the class via email.

Please pay in advance of class: $10-40/person sliding scale. If you are not able to pay the minimum but really want to join, please message me. Info below on how to pay.

• You love dance but are bored of mainstream fitness classes. You're looking for an experience.
• You know touch is important and you want to explore tools to support yourself in times of isolation.
• You are curious about developing a meditation practice but have struggled with seated meditations.
• You want to do something relaxing/grounding AND you want to sweat all on ONE hour.

Have a Quarantine Buddy? Please check out Restorative Contact, a grounding and relaxing body-based mindfulness practice for pairs. https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/1698043

More about me and my work: http://RestorativeContact.com
Questions welcome! Please email (info at restorative contact.com) or DM Gabrielle Revlock on Facebook.
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