Application for Digital Campaigning Certificate Program (DCCP) Scholarship
SMT is a non-profit/NGO whose mission is to help organizing groups ramp up online to build power and win campaigns. We work hard to expand access to high-quality training and coaching.

If you think SMT's Digital Campaigning Certificate program may be a good fit for you and you need help paying for it, this application is for you. Many foundations are interested in supporting the capacity of grantees online. And many organizing/campaigning networks are interested in supporting affiliates and partners at much lower group rates.  

To qualify, your organization must be working for systemic change using offline as well as online organizing. You can be based anywhere in the world, and you can also be a labor union.

This application is designed to take 10 minutes to complete.

After clicking "Submit" you will receive an email that includes your responses as well as a link you can use to update those responses if necessary. Once an SMT team member receives your application, they will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Before you start completing the application, ensure you have an answer to the following:
(1) Did you notice that the regular registration fee is 50% discounted for registrants from Africa, Latin America and Asia?
(2) Have you checked to see if a network you belong to (or a funder) would consider organizing a group rate to bring the cost down for you to much less than the normal rate?
(3) Have you checked with current funders (if any) to see if they have capacity-building funds to help?
(4) Have you confirmed the maximum you can pay? (SMT is not able to make full scholarships)
(5) Is your supervisor, Executive Director, or board member willing to join in on a 15-minute call to discuss?

You will be asked to report on those questions in the application. We won't be able to process your application without those steps being taken.
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Email *
How much of the total cost has been approved? (To be considered, please report the maximum that has been approved for this training.) Sorry, but SMT is not in a position to provide full scholarships. If this amount has not been determined, please wait to complete the form as it will not be reviewed. *
Applying organization's name *
State, or Country if outside U.S. *
Contact person's first name *
Contact person's last name *
Title *
What is your organization's charitable legal status? *
Number of full-time (FT) equivalent staff? *
(e.g. 2 half time counts as 1 FT)
Organization's annual budget (last year). If you do not know, find out. *
Name of network(s) of groups the organization associates itself most with *
Organization's main social media sites, e.g. any of the following: website, Facebook page URL, Twitter handle *
If there is a main social justice movement you associate yourself with, what is it? *
Currently what are the main tools/tactics you use to win change? *
(e.g. rallies, public meetings, petitions, etc.)
What do you expect to be your most important campaign in the next six months? *
Who would be your point person engaging in the program (name and title)? *
What kind of Board/leadership support is there for investing staff and other resources into online organizing as part of the organization’s toolbox? Please give any examples that come to mind, and indicate if applicant is the Executive Director, Lead Organizer, or Board Chair. *
Have you attempted to reach out to other networks you’re associated with about signing up via group rate price? *
Please describe any conversations with funders  about their ability to help with this capacity-building. If you have not explored this, please submit after these discussions have taken place. *
Who are some funders that support your work? SMT may be able to reach out to them about providing extra support for this training. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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