PMD: Choosing Our Fate - NPC Characters
This form is to suggest NPCs (non-player characters) who will inhabit the comic world. Here you can let your imagination run wild, and submit as many characters as you like. There are a few guidelines though:

-Do not submit your own, pre-made characters. This is not a cameo and should be new characters.
---This includes but is not limited to previously made characters, characters made by others, and Pokesonas
-Pokemon only. No humans, non-Pokemon, radically different Pokemon (ie blue Pikachu), fusions, gijinkas, etc.
-No Legendary Pokemon, go here for that:

All questions are optional.
I may mix and match entries or make adjusts.
Concise descriptions preferred! Remember, this isn't English class! "Serious" is better than "NAME is a serious Pokemon, they're serious all the time". ;D

If you want to edit a previous response, contact me on Smackjeeves, Tumblr, or Patreon. I'll be able to help you from there!

Given name only. Their family/proper/last name will be their species excluding special circumstances.
Your answer
Specifying form is optional if that species has multiple forms.
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Feel free to leave blank if it doesn't matter, you want me to decide, they're genderless, don't use pronouns, etc.
This is anything from what they physically look like to what they wear or carry on them. If the Pokemon has no adjustments to their physical appearance, please leave the box blank.
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A list of characteristics or qualities that define this character. List form is preferred to sentence form, example: "Smart, stuck-up, likes to dance, hates potatoes, secretly loves trashy romance".
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General age, since there's little on the lifespan of each and every individual Pokemon. If they're on the cusp of two options, pick one and specify in the "Extra Information" section.
Profession(s) (optional)
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Extra Information (optional)
Anything not touched on above, no need to retype anything from the other sections here.
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