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Maryland Club Running will be participating in basketball concessions to raise funds for the club. We expect everyone who has raced, or wants to race in future, to sign up. If you have raced with us, or expect to race with us in the spring, we expect you to sign up for at least TWO of these games, but feel free to sign up for as many more as you'd like (You get $13 worth of free food!!!). Those who do not complete their fundraising requirement will be BLACKLISTED from future competitions. I know this has not been strictly enforced in the past, but there are new sheriffs in town and it will be this time.

We will be working concessions for these seven games:

Date: Report Time:
11/5/2019 4:30pm
11/19/2019 5:30pm
12/4/2019 TBA
1/7/2020 4:00pm (WINTER BREAK)
1/30/2020 5:30pm
2/11/2020 5:30pm
2/18/2020 5:00pm

The report times are three hours before the start of the game. Expect to stay two hours or so after the game ends for clean up.

We need 15-20 people for each concessions. At least half of the workers must be TIPS certified.

Expect another email with more information about concessions when the date(s) you have signed up for are a day or two away.

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