Curricula Framework Webinar Follow-up
Thank you for your participation in the Data Skills Curricula Framework webinar, co-hosted by the Belmont Forum e-Infrastructures and Data Management project, the ESIP Data Management Training Working Group, and the AGU/RDA/ESIP FAIR Data project. Please tell us what you thought of the webinar, how it can be improved, and whether we can engage with you for future discussions.
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How well did the webinar meet your expectations on subject matter?
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How do you see using the Belmont Forum e-Infrastructure and Data Management Curricula Framework to help accomplish your training goals? Can you use it to: (please check all that apply)
How do you see using the ESIP Data Management Training Clearinghouse to help accomplish your training goals? Can you (please check all that apply):
In addition to increasing platform capacity and making sure the link is easily accessible, please tell us what we can do to improve this webinar.
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Please tell us your most important take-away from this webinar.
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Are you or trainers at your institution interested in further collaboration to develop shared resources and implementation methods toward common data skills as described in the data skills curricula framework?
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