Hapara Champion Educator Application
Get in on the FIRST ROUND OF THE NEW YEAR! Our course starts January 22 and ends February 19th. Applications are due January 7th. There is no better way to kick off the new year than to become a Hapara Champion Educator!

The Hapara Champion program is designed as a series of leveled certification courses focused on creating skilled Hapara users with a positive, transformative outlook on instructional technology.

The courses are intended to be completed in order (Educator, Scholar, then Trainer).

Champion Educators will have a solid grasp on how to USE Hapara tools as well as time to think about and practice using them meaningfully.

Champion Scholars will develop an understanding of the pedagogy and best practices associated with Hapara tools.

Champion Trainers will be skilled at using Hapara tools, understand the pedagogy behind using them, and will also be able to thoughtfully and thoroughly train others in using and thinking about them.

Applicants with no previous Hapara certification will only be accepted to the Champion Educator program.

The Hapara Champion program is highly-selective. Completing this form in no way guarantees admission.

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