Survey 2.0: Trauma-Informed Lens Yoga
Thank you for your interest in completing our second survey on Trauma-Informed Lens Yoga!

To provide a little background -- our initial research efforts were primarily focused on learning about the prevalence of trauma among yoga students or individuals who are considering trying yoga. This is an incredibly important question that we will continue to pursue; however, in this survey, we have broadened our scope.

Here's why: We believe awareness is the first step in building safer yoga classrooms. In order to take steps toward that goal, we recognize that we (and the yoga community at large) need to learn more about individuals' unique and authentic experiences in, and beliefs and feelings toward yoga. That said, we have chosen to include a few more questions.

If you participated in our first study, the beginning of this survey may look familiar. We would still love for you to participate, as we've added questions. However, please note, we are asking participants who have taken this before to complete the "Life Events Checklist" (grid) again.

Our hope is that this survey will help to educate us (and others) and inform our next steps. If you'd like to participate, please click "Next."

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