2DCon 2019 Vendor Application
The following is a registration form for our Market at 2DCon 2019. Please read our rules and regulations on our site before applying - these can be found here: https://www.2dcon.net/2d-con-market-rules-and-regulations/
What is your name? *
Please enter your name as it appears on legal documentation.
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What is your Business Name? *
What is the name of the business you will be operating under?
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What is your contact email? *
Please provide a valid email address for contact. Your email will be used to send information such as load-in times and other registration information.
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How many tables are you requesting for the event? *
Your first table is 150 USD and your 2nd is 75. Max 2 tables per accepted registration unless you are a sponsor. To discuss those opportunities please put 2 and then email sponsorships@2dcon.net. We will do our best to make sure everyone gets the tables requested.
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How many EXTRA badges will you need? *
Each vendor will receive 2 badges. Extra badges are 20 USD a piece - these are unlimited. If you are a sponsor you can use the badges you received through the sponsorship tier.
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