Residential Priority Sheet
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How to Fill Out Our Form
You will be asked to select rooms to be cleaned with further questions in regards to your answers. Items will follow in a checklist like fashion; with the ability to label which item is more important to you.
Not everything should be 1st priority and that your time budget may be used up quickly if everything is marked as 1st priority. Items not assigned any priority will not be in our focus.
The items will be split up in 3 categories; BASIC clean, UPKEEP, and DEEP clean. Basic items are basic, Upkeep (items that don't need regular attention but attention regardless) and Deep clean items (Items that collect soil over time and are commonly used for initial cleans). PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that we cannot guarantee that everything on your priority list can be completed within the timeframe you purchased.
Items marked with (*) may take some time to complete. The more (***) the more time may be needed.
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