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Applicant has reviewed and understands what is included in the Essentially Wed Micro Wedding Giveaway. Applicants must be over the age of 18, legal citizens of the United States. Applicants cannot have been convicted of a felony and will be asked to pass a background check at their expense. Applicants may be asked to participate in press and media opportunities, and must be willing to speak to news agencies about their Wedding, as well as willing to have the details of their Essentially Wed filmed and recorded. Maximum guest count shall not exceed 15 guests. Weddings may take place Sunday through Thursday. FCWC is providing all vendors needed to fulfill the Essentially Wed Micro-Wedding, except for an officiant which the Applicant must provide. Applicants may incur expenses related to their wedding that are outside the capability of FCWC providing. Applicants may need to forfeit any deposits made to wedding vendors prior to applying for the Essentially Wed Micro-Wedding. FCWC is not responsible for those forfeited monies. FCWC does not provide airfare, travel or lodging for the Applicant or their guests. FCWC never provides alcohol and is not responsible for any alcohol-related incidents that occur at the Essentially Wed Micro Wedding. *
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