2023-2024 Northview High School Enrollment
This form is for students who wish to enroll at Northview High School for the 2023-2024 school year.  

*Existing students DO NOT need to re-enroll each year.  
*Students entering 9th grade from North Clay Middle School DO NOT need to re-enroll.
*Students may only be enrolled by the parent or legal guardian.  

*Please provide the office with a copy of the student's Birth Certificate, Immunization record and Proof of Residency (*Examples:  Utility Bill, Mortgage Statement, Rental Agreement or Vehicle Registration.  Must be dated within the last 60 days.)  

*If applicable, please provide a copy of legal guardianship/custody paperwork.

Email the Registrar, Kristy Lutes, with any questions:  Luteskr@clay.k12.in.us 

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Student's Date of Birth *
Student's Social Security Number
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Primary Phone Number (000-000-0000) *
County of Legal Residence *
Student Lives With: *
Is this student a Foster Child?  (If yes, legal documentation must be provided to the school.) *
Primary Guardian's Name:  (*If Guardian is someone other than the parent, you must provide legal documention to the school) *
Primary Guardian's relationship to student: *
Primary Guardian's Day Phone Number (000-000-0000): *
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Primary Guardian's Email: *
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Secondary Guardian's Name:
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Sibling First & Last Name(s):
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Emergency Contact(s) Name, Relationship and Phone Number:  (May list up to 3 people)
Primary Doctor and Phone Number:
Please list any allergies the student may have:
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Is there anyone, by court order, who should not have contact with this student?  (Legal documentation must be provided to the school.) *
If you answered "YES" to the above question, please provide details below:
Did the student participate in an Athletic Sport at their previous school?  *If yes, please list sport(s)
Anticipated start date: *
Does the student have any class enrollment requests?  *Requests will be taken in to consideration when scheduling, but are not guaranteed.
Name of person enrolling student:  *Must be a Parent or Legal Guardian. *
Relationship to student:  *Must be a Parent or Legal Guardian. *
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