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When is your event? / ¿Cuando es tu evento? *
If you'd like to schedule more than one date, please leave that in the comments in the next question. /  Si desea programar más de una fecha, comente esas fechas en la siguiente pregunta..
What type of event would you like to host at Nido? / ¿Que tipo de evento te gustaria organizar en Nido? *
Single class, workshop, series (more than 1 class/workshop), event, meeting, accountability group, etc. /  Clase única, taller, serie (más de 1 clase/taller), evento, reunión, etc.
What is your event about? Please provide the description you will use to promote your event. /  ¿De que se trata tu evento? Proporcione la descripción que utilizará para promocionar su evento. *
How many people are you hoping will join your event?  /  ¿Cuántas personas esperas que se unan a tu evento? *
Have you hosted this type of event in Playa del Carmen before? If so, where?  /  ¿Has organizado este tipo de evento en Playa del Carmen antes? ¿Si es así, donde? *
What will you bring to the event?  /  ¿Qué traerás al evento? *
What do you need Nido to provide for your event?  /  ¿Qué necesita que Nido proporcione para su evento? *
"I will need 3 tables, 6 chairs, scissors, a speaker and a microphone."  /  "Necesitaré 3 mesas, 6 sillas, tijeras, una bocina bluetooth y un micrófono".
Which space(s) in Nido would you like to use for your event?  /  ¿Qué espacio(s) en Nido le gustaría usar para su evento? *
How will you promote your event?  /  ¿Cómo va a promover su evento?
If you will promote via social media, please attach links to your profiles.  /  Si promocionará a través de las redes sociales, adjunte enlaces a sus perfiles.
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