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While yoga has many health benefits, just as anything else in life, there are potential risks. While injury is rare, it is important that both the teacher and student have reasonable expectations, especially with distance classes where the teacher may not be able to help with proper alignment.

I am aware that participating in yoga class may result in accident or injury and as such I assume the risk associated with participation in yoga classes with Kristen Penhall. In consideration of being permitted to participate in classes I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, succession, and assign any other person who may claim on my behalf agree to the above.
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I fully assume all risks, dangers, and hazards associated with yoga with Kristen Penhall, waive any and all claims, liability, and entitlement to damages I may now or in the future have against Kristen Penhall. Risks and dangers include but are not limited to bodily injury, death, and damage or loss to property. *
Please note that this session will be recorded. Should you wish to remain anonymous for the recording please ensure your video is turned off. You also have the option of modifying your name to protect your privacy and remain anonymous. You can change the name that other participants will see when you are live on the session but please log in a few minutes early to make those changes before the start of the recording session. By clicking yes, you acknowledge that you will be recorded and understand how to maintain your privacy. *
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