The State of Tech - Pre-episode Survey - Gadgets
The December 6th episode of the State of Tech podcast ( will cover "Gadgets", specifically what gadgets (hardware items) people have found to be especially useful for schools. Please take a moment to answer this 4-question survey about the best gadgets you have found for school use.  If you have more than one gadget to mention, you can fill out the form multiple times.

The data will be collected, summarized, and shared through the State of Tech podcast and website. The intention is to share helpful ideas about great gadgets for schools to use.

All questions are optional, so do not feel obligated to answer everything, although your feedback through this survey is crucial to the value of this podcast and is greatly appreciated.
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1) General Information - Your name, your email, the name and location of your school
2) Gadget Info - Give the name, manufacturer, and basic description of the gadget.
3) Gadget Price - Give an estimate of the gadget cost (if you know).
4) Gadget Use - Explain why this is a great gadget for schools and how it is being used in your school.
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