UW Mad Pride 2018
The Student Disability Commission and D Center will be featuring mad/mentally ill identifying students, and/or students with mental illness in a Humans of New York inspired series during what is traditionally known as Mental Health month (May). We are doing this as a response to a University which historically has not considered us. We are doing this as a reclamation of terms used against us, and in solidarity with those who experience institutional violence as a result of their madness and inter-sectional identities. We are doing this because we are proud of who we are, and we deserve to do so without fear.

We will be collecting volunteers from the greater UW community (including former and current students of the Community and Technical College system as well as UW alumni). We recognize the level of discretion and sensitivity required to respect the privacy of those living with mental illness who wish to remain anonymous. Every volunteer will be intimately involved in crafting their own submission, so as to respect how anonymous and how cautious their feature is.

The information shared in this form, will be read only by Director of the Student Disability Commission, Ashley D'Ambrosio. She is a mad/mentally ill identifying and chronically ill, disabled student at the University of Washington.

We are excited to feature your story. #madpride #disabilityjusticenow
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