2016 IAAAC Conference Workshop/Presenter Information
In order to efficiently create the IAAAC Bangkok "Reg-Online" registration website, we are now soliciting Workshop descriptions and looking for sponsors for the Job-A-Like sessions. All persons that will be offering a Workshop, Job-A-Like or Roundtable discussion will need to be in Bangkok on Thursday, September 29 for a pre-conference meeting.
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You may select one or more of the strands of which attendee would have the most benefit
Workshop Description *
In one paragraph, provide a brief description of the workshop. Please read the sample: Building A Culture of Sportsmanship & Team - Mr. Dawn Ashby was a former University of British Columbia Thunderbird women's basketball player and is the current ICS Addis Varsity girl’s volleyball and basketball coach. Dawn will share with you some of her methods she has used to create dynasties with her championship basketball and volleyball teams that have made them "the-team-to-be" at ICS Addis.
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Workshop Description 2
If you would like to offer a second workshop, please include your title and description below.
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Job-A-Like or Round Table
If you are interested in facilitating a Job-A-Like, please indicate the sport you would be most comfortable leading. There are two roles: facilitator (you) and participants (everyone else). This is not a one person sport clinic, if you are interested in running your own clinic, you should offer a "workshop." Participants are asked to bring a few of their “best” drills to share with their peers. A facilitator will spend a few minutes on introducing all participants to the entire group, at the same time, each attendee is asked to share with the group what they are specifically looking to gain from the 2 hour session. The facilitator will record comments from the group on a chart/white board, etc and categorize the comments in to a time line so as many of the topics can be covered over the session. The facilitator will then provide one of their own “warm up games” or “skill drills” for the group. Then participants will then share their own drills, ideas, concepts, etc with the group, making each workshop an opportunity for coaches, teachers and AD’s to share their own experiences.
If you would like to offer a Job-A-Like for a sport that is not listed above, please include the name of the sport below
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Biography *
Please include a short biography of yourself when submitted your workshop idea or offering to facilitate a Job-A-like. Read a sample Bio: Jason Baseden is the Athletic Director at the International School in Brussels. A graduate and athlete at St. John’s University in New York, Jason spent four years working in the marketing department of Polygram/Universal Television and three years in the sales department of the Discovery Channel before moving to Europe. While in Europe he created his own sports camp company, “Capital Star Camps” and was a coach and trainer at the American School in Paris. Jason lives and works in Brussels.
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