Work Check - Foster's AP Class, Spring 2019

I'm going to collect your fabulous and thoughtful work later and read it carefully.

Today, I just need to know your point count.

The assignments we've done so far are below.

Did I forget an assignment? Include those points and write me a note at the bottom.

Each stamp is 10 points. Each half-stamp is 5 points. Unstamped, complete late work is 5 points.

Add up the stamps you have (don't include SSR). Count until you get the same answer twice.

Enter the total in the box below.

Our work so far:

1. Self-evaluation on first day of new semester (1-29)
2. AP Practice Test: multiple-choice part (starting 1-31; ** TWO STAMPS **)
3. AP Practice Test: scoring the multiple-choice test (2-4)
4. AP Practice Test: outlines for essays (starting 2-5, ** TWO STAMPS **)
5. Lecture notes on Greek Theater (2-7)
6. Freud's Oedipus Complex markup (2-11)
7. Why you think Oedipus is effective? (2-12)
8. Mini-Lecture on Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle (2-14)
9. What Aristotle thinks makes a good tragedy (2-14)
10. Personal reaction to Aristotle's Poetics & how close your ideas were (2-15)
11. Subject A / AWPE UC placement test essay outline (2-19)

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Did I forget an assignment? Have any good jokes? Anything else I need to know?
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