First Rock Baptist Church Promotion & Graduation Recognition Application
Please complete the following required application for participation in the 2021 Graduation Program. Applications are due no later than close of business on Sunday, June 27, 2021.

Applicants under 18 must have permission from parent/guardian to apply.

All questions require a response. (For any questions that do not apply to your promotion/graduation level, please type N/A.)
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Please email a copy/picture of your final report card to (*Required for High School graduation applicants only) *
Level of Degree/Certificate (*Required for College/University/Trade School applicants only) *
Area of study/name of Degree/Certificate (*Required for College/University/Trade School applicants only) *
Please share your plans for after graduation/promotion (i.e. name of school you will attend next school year or job you will begin) *
Please list the activities you participate in at First Rock Baptist Church *
Please list any school or community awards or special certificates you have received. *
Please list any hobbies or activities that you enjoy and/or would like to pursue. *
What are your future career goals, and why? *
What is your favorite Bible verse? *
What is your favorite First Rock Baptist Church memory? *
Please list any other interesting facts about you that you would like to share. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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