Moderator Application
Please fill out this simple application with as MUCH DETAIL as you can. Remember this application is only a portion of the promotion process

Minecraft IGN: *
Please list out all of your alternative accounts that you own.
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Email Address: *
We will email you if we have any questions or concerns. We will also email you back once we look over your application and have a response on it.
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Age: *
We will not be accepting any applications written by anybody under the age of 16. No age exceptions will be granted. If you lie about your age, we will find out. So please be honest.
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What is your Time Zone? *
(If you do not know your Time Zone then please use this website: )
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What days and hours are you available? *
A schedule of the times you are available would be most appreciated.
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Version: *
What version of ROXBOT do you primarily play on?
Do you have access to TeamSpeak, Discord, and a working Microphone? *
We require that you are connected with the rest of the staff team to keep up with what the rest of us are doing.
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Demo Video: *
We ask that you provide a short video (no longer than 3 minutes) to demonstrate your latency to the server and the average amount of FPS. If you can not provide a video, your application will be instantly denied. (We also recommend that you speak in the video to show that you have a working mic)
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Do you have any previous moderator experience? *
If so, please go into detail on your experience.
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Have you been punished on ROXBOT in the past? *
If so, please explain in detail exactly what happened to cause you to be punished and please be honest about it. (Can you also link us to your punishment record. )
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What qualities will you bring to the Staff Team? *
We are looking for qualities that will help benefit the Staff Team in any way shape or form.
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Why do you want to become a Moderator? *
Explanation on why you want to become a Moderator, it's suggested that you have several reasons.
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Tell us a little bit about yourself. *
A description on who you are as a person and some traits about you, or just anything interesting you would like us to know about you.
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