2020/2021 Student Participation Survey
McCann Tech is developing a hybrid/remote learning scenario for our students for the upcoming school year that looks like the following:
-Academic classes will be held remotely. Students in their academic week will attend school virtually from 8:00 until 2:45. Classes will be held according to our regular bell schedule, taught by our McCann faculty, and students will attend from home via a computer. An emphasis will be placed on creating learning experiences for students that allow for some work to be done off-screen during class sessions so that students will not experience a full day's worth of screen time. In order for students to be as successful as possible in this model they will need their own webcam-enabled laptop or desktop. Please keep this in mind when completing the technology section of the survey.
-Vocational classes will be held in a hybrid manner. During students' shop week the students will attend every other day in-person and every other day remotely. On the in-person day students will attend shop and receive hands-on instruction in a learning environment that adheres to proper social distancing and health protocols (masks, hand-washing, etc) as set forth by the state. On the alternating day, when students are out of the building, they will attend their vocational program's theory lessons for the day remotely and complete approximately 2 hours of asynchronous (independent) work related to their vocational program. This will essentially total 3 hours of learning on a student's vocational "at-home" day.

Given the scenario above which is called "Hybrid In-Person Learning with Safety Protocols," please let us know your family's preference for the upcoming school year. If you have multiple children attending McCann please fill out a separate survey for each student please. PLEASE NOTE- If you choose to have your student attend this school year fully remote there is a form you will need to complete stating that you agree to the stipulations contained within. This form needs to be completed by August 31st. The form can be found here- https://mccanntechorg.finalsite.com/high-school/remote-learning-only-form
Student name
Parent/Guardian name
Will your student be participating in our "Hybrid In-Person Learning with Safety Protocols" program for the school year or will they be participating in the "Remote Learning Only" option?
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We will be implementing a 1-to-1 Chromebook initiative this year for our students. We do not know exactly when these Chromebooks will arrive but we are hoping at some point in the early fall. Until they arrive does your student have access to a webcam-enabled laptop or computer that they can use for remote learning without having to share with another person during the school day?
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Does your student have access to a reliable internet connection?
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If you answered "no" to having a reliable internet connection is your home's location able to support an internet connection?
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