WE DFW "One" Giving Networking Value Assessment
Please select your name as Giving Member and then check the response boxes for Receiving Member. Receiving Member is another member in WE DFW who received/benefited from your business or support or referral or collaboration or endorsement or connection. This form is to help us better understand our non-profit platform WE DFW members networking relations and business or referral generation among members. WE DFW will share your responses with WE team and may leverage this data for analysis and to show how a member benefits in WE DFW. (Please note: If you wish to provide any constructive feedback to receiving member, please do that by reaching out directly with them)
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Please assess these questions based on your business relationship with Receiving member after you connected with them at WE DFW. Check the box if your answer is Yes to that question. Do not check the box if your answer is NO.
I connected with Receiving Member for the first time at one of the WE sessions or meetings or events or tools or via WE Whatsapp
I've referred this Receiving Member to WE
I've purchased from Receiving Member or their Business or supported any of their causes
I've given Business Leads or Referrals or Social Media Endorsement to Receiving Member or their business or their causes
I've collaborated with Receiving Member or their business or their causes for mutual benefit
I keep in touch with Receiving Member outside of WE meetings and events to help build trusted business relations
Comments or Feedback to Receiving Member
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