Living Waters Submerge (Confirmation) Registration 2018/19
We are excited about your child coming to grow with us through the 2018/19 Submerge (confirmation) classes at Living Waters. To register your child fill out the form. We also ask for a $25 fee to be collected by your child's first day or can be paid through REALM. This fee covers background checks for volunteers as well as curriculum and supplies. Talk with Pastor Dustin if you need to make other arrangements or to apply for a scholarship.
Classes start at 7pm on Wednesday September 5th.
Note that while the Wednesday learning times are great for your child to learn about faith, your participation as a parent in the church is going to be a number one influence on their development. One of the activities we are strengthening this year is the growth to Connect Meals twice a month. These are meant to help grow families in their faith as well as connect people as a community of faith. Know that you are asked to participate as much as possible in these meals to grow in your faith as well as participate in the growth of your child's faith. Meals are on a free will offering basis and you can connect with Lee Williams if you would like to help provide them or bring a side.
See you there!
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By filling out this form I give my permission for my child/children to participate in Living Waters Lutheran Church Submerge (Confirmation) for 2018/19. I hereby give my permission to the Adult leaders to seek emergency medical treatment for my child(ren) pending my notification. Photographs may be taken during Submerge and published in church publications, websites and local newspapers. I herby give my permission for photos to be used that may include my child(ren)'s image.
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On September 21 (7:30pm till 8am) we will be participating in a joint "Lock In" with other ELCA (Lutheran) in the area. More information is posted on our website. Will your child be joining us? *
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