PASS European Tour 12 June - 22 June 2020
Registration information: PASS will be taking one or two ladies teams to LONDON & SCOTLAND in the summer of 2020. These trips will be similar to our very successful recent trips of England 2017, Spain 2018 & Germany 2019. Videos of these can be found on our website and social media pages.
The cost for this trip will be set once destinations are confrmed. (This might change lower due to exchange rates and airlines, but will be locked in once known). This will be turn key, flight included, 'all in' less one meal a day.
Players without a uniform will be required to purchase one and attend PASS training throughout the year culminateing in our Elite Feet Summer Camp 2020. Full details will be given through our website and webinars from our tour company Worldstrides. If prospective parents and players would like refreneces or to speak to previous travelers. We will be happy to provide.
The team will be limited to 15 players. Places fill up quickly.
Team selection will be made on a deposit based commitment and PASS member basis. All comments and questions please adress directly through PASS. We understand there are a lot of choices out there, we are very grateful for your trust in us.
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