DOPC Practice Survey 2023 
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We structured the current pricing around members needing a visit around 2-4 times a year.  Since the COVID pandemic, our members have needed us on average 7 times a year (range up to 23 visits/year).  We also found that in 2022, 20% of our visits are same day visits and our after hours calls have increased 15% from 2021 to 2022.  We know we need to make adjustments to our current model to meet the growing costs to do business and accommodate for this increased need. Please rank the following options:   *
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Add a copay on urgent / same day office visits and phone calls
Add a copay on after hours and weekend calls
Add a cap on annual number of primary care visits per member
Raise the monthly membership
Add a Health Restoration membership for members needing more than an average # of visit per year
How likely are you to continue with Direct Osteopathic Primary Care for the next 1 year or more? If you answer Very unlikely or unlikely please explain in the following question. 
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We appreciate any other comments, suggestions or feedback that you have about Direct Osteopathic Primary Care.  Please use this section to provide additional feedback. Knowing we work hard for our members, we welcome constructive criticism here in this safe space. 
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Thank you so much for your time!  We are grateful you are a member.  We are currently intentionally slowing our new patient growth but we understand the need to share the direct primary care model and our unique perspective. If you want to post positive reviews of our practice publicly for future members you can do so with the links below. Google Review
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