2018 QHC Missions Conference Registration/ 2018 基導堂差傳大會報名表
Developing a Heart for Missions

Speakers 講員: Pastor Tim Chan 陳國添牧師

Schedule as follows 時間表如下:

Friday, October 12th, 7:30-9PM 星期五、十月十二日、晩上七時三十分至九時
Where is your heart? 你的心在哪裡?

Saturday, October 13th, 3-5PM 星期六、十月十三日、下午三時至五時
Missions Work Panel 差傳工作坊

Saturday, October 13th, 5:30-7PM 星期六、十月十三日、下午五時三十分至七時
Dinner 晚膳
**Note: Dinner will be provided ($5 for 5 years old or above) 注意:大會備有晚膳(五歲或以上每人$5)

Saturday, October 13th, 7:30-9PM 星期六、十月十三日、晩上七時三十分至九時
Where is your life going? 你的生活方向是什麼?
**Note: Children’s program will be provided from 7:30pm-9pm. 注意:大會在晚上七時三十分至九時備有兒童節目。

Sunday, October 14th 星期日、十月十四日
English Service 英文崇拜 9:45am
Mandarin Service 國語崇拜 9:45am
Cantonese Service 粤語崇拜 11:30am
Church renewal: Missional Participation 更新教會: 參與宣教

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If you would like children's programming (ages 4-11) please select from the sessions below. 請選擇您為孩子(4-11歲)註冊的兒童節目。如果您想要兒童節目(4-11歲),請選擇以下時段。
Please indicate how many children (ages 4-11) will be attending the children's programming.請註明將參加兒童節目的人數(4-11歲)。
Please indicate the number of people that would need church to provide dinner on Saturday ($5 each for 5 years old or above). 請註明週六需要教會提供晚餐的人數(5歲或以上每人$5)
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