My Soul Purpose- a Guided Introspective Social History
In this directed downloadable manual, you will gain valuable insights and inspiration into yourself and your current definition of your personal identity.  What is meaningful, enjoyable, and significant to you may remain the same or change over time.  It is imperative that you keep your loved ones informed of your personal preferences so that they can be an integral part of your life.

Please be mindful that there are numerous prompting questions and comments after each question. They are available to guide the conversation and derive more specifics to the individual and their definition of purpose.  You can use them and expand on them as you see fit in order to gain useful information that will best shape future engagements.

Anyone at any age can interact with this document. We encourage you to fill the document out yourself first.  Let the questions and queries guide your thoughts and remember… there is no wrong answer.  Then take this “Purposeful” month to use the document with a friend, family member, or loved one.

This living document is intended to be used and shared with anyone that will benefit from this knowledge, using it to continually make your life better.  Therefore we encourage you to review this document every 6 months and what a better way than to remember to interact with this form than on the first day of Daylight Savings Time and the last day of Daylight Savings Time.

So, Let’s Begin by finding out What Defines Your Identity?

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 1. What brings you purpose and feelings of satisfaction? (Questions and thoughts to ponder and elicit a more specific response) Consider what you do or did as an occupation and as hobbies.  Think of the time you spent at “work”; what aspect of the job do/did you find most enjoyable?  What accomplishments brought about feelings of pride and gratification? *
2. In which way(s) do you feel most connected to other people and the world around you? What types of interactions with others fill up your spirit:   What is your relationship to the environment?   *
3. What is your relationship with the environment and animals? *
4. What is your preference regarding personal space?   *
5. 4.  What is your primary love language? Consider the 5 primary Love Languages (as defined by Gary Chapman) described below and attempt to identify your primary source of “feeling loved”.  Additionally consider the 5 love languages and attempt to identify which language you use to show others that you love and  admire them: *
6.  What is your primary language of appreciation? Similar to the last question, consider the 5 Languages of Appreciation (defined by Gary Chapman) and attempt to identify which category most accurately describes when you feel the most appreciated.  Consider how you show others that you appreciate them. Is this a different language?  Additionally, you may want to consider your home life vs. work life.  Your language of appreciation may differ.  Please describe.  Which one? *
7.  How would you describe your primary stress responses?  How might they differ in specific situations? The primary stress responses have been identified below.  Consider your initial reaction to fear, anger, frustration, and threats.  Which of these stress responses would you identify as your instinctual response: *
8.  What specific “triggers” or “stressors” cause you to feel frustrated? Consider interactions, actions taken by others, or “pet peeves” that annoy you.  List them below: *
9. What characteristics do you value in long-lasting/ meaningful relationships? What qualities of your closest relationships do you value the most? Which features of your interactions are responsible for the relationship's success? *
10. What are your current sleep patterns and preferences? *
11.  Share your preferences with television, movies, music, books, reading material, and entertainment? What are your earliest memories of going to the movies, seeing live plays, your first book, your favorite book, etc? *
12.  What are some “warm and fuzzy” memories you have from your childhood/ youth and growing up? *
13. What (if any) cultural or family customs are very important to you? *
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