Apprentice Application (Apprentices)
Thank you for your interest in helping Journeymen inspire the men of tomorrow!

Designed for our past participants and/or young adult males who are interested in growing their skills in guiding human development, the path of the apprentice offers a full immersion into nature-based rites of passage. Apprentices shadow the staff through nearly every activity, receive honest and thorough feedback, and directly engage with youth participants at all legs of their journey.

Part mentor, part mentee, the Apprentice stands with each foot in a different world. At times you will be asked to step into leadership roles that stretch your comforts and uncover your hidden talents. At others, you will be encouraged to surrender to the guidance of your elders as you let go of old identities, bring awareness to tired patterns, and claim your true brilliance.

The Apprentice path involves dynamic training experiences designed to immerse you into the work across three unique stages. Training is broad and deep, involving both hard and soft skills as well as regular check-ins with your own mentor and elders in our community.

STAGE 1 will initiate you into a new chapter of your life. During your training experience you will be welcomed into a family of men who will support you and challenge you to step into your most authentic form. This is a space and time to discover your own edge, refine your unique gifts, and broaden your skill-set through a progression of intentional activities.

STAGE 2 is the heart of the work, and your opportunity to absorb the knowledge and wisdom that presents itself during our 10 day youth rite of passage (ROP). Your primary tasks will include supporting the Journeymen guides and staff during activities, maintaining progress through your own curriculum, and, on occasion, co-leading sessions of our own creation.

STAGE 3 holds our community together. Integration is the key to carrying over the momentum from the peak summer experiences into meaningful change for the greater good. The culmination of your training occurs with the creation of your own community event, a unique offering that serves a need in your community and is backed by your Journeymen brothers.

As an Apprentice you will also be invited to participate in various Journeymen events throughout the year, including outdoor recreational adventures, creative service opportunities, and/or regular council meetings with peers, youth and/or elders.

We request that you commit to staying generally available to any youth who grow close to you throughout our activities, and participate in at least one Journeymen activity every month for a full year. In addition, you will be encouraged and supported in seeking ongoing forms of mentorship in your most important professional and personal endeavors.

If you hear the call please complete this form. We will follow up with you after a thorough review.

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