Casualisation Survey (History)
Casualisation Survey (History)
Purpose of the survey:
• To gain more direct understanding of the experiences of casual academics regarding the nature of their employment and its impact on their career path.
• To consider ways in which problems encountered by casual teaching and research staff could be addressed.
• To facilitate wider discussion regarding casualisation among the History profession and beyond.
• The survey is specifically designed to identify and address issues relating to casualisation within the history discipline at tertiary institutions. Nonetheless, casual staff whose tertiary training has been chiefly in the field of history and who are currently working in other disciplines or workplaces are encouraged to complete those questions that apply to their circumstances.

Terms and Conditions:
Answers provided to this survey are anonymous. This survey is conducted by Dr Romain Fathi and Dr Lyndon Megarrity, on behalf of the Australian Historical Association Executive. Romain and Lyndon are current members of the AHA Executive Committee (2018-20), Teaching and Learning Portfolio. Once the survey is closed, it will be deleted from Google Forms and the CSV file will be retained by Drs Fathi and Megarrity on a password protected platform until they have produced a report or other material for the Executive Committee of the AHA, after which time (or shortly thereafter) the file will be erased. It is the goal of the AHA to make public the report obtained from the data. The Executive Committee may also wish to publish information in journals or media outlets about the outcomes of the survey. By taking part in this survey you agree to these terms and conditions. While the survey is anonymous, there are many questions where you can provide qualitative answers. We do not wish to limit the scope of your answers. However, be aware that if you provide details of particular incidents or stories, it is possible that other people aware of those incidents would be able to identify you.

N.B. How the term ‘casual position’ is defined in this survey:
In this survey, a casual position at an Australian university or equivalent organisation is understood broadly as a non-tenured position (non-permanent). This includes contracts with work paid by the hour, full time and part time contracts, semester based contracts, or fixed term positions regardless of the length of the contract.

It is anticipated that a report on the survey be submitted to the AHA's Executive Committee in December 2019 for release in the new year.

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Are you in a casual position? In this survey, a casual position is understood as a non-tenured position (non-permanent). If you answer 'no' please note that you will be taken back to page one of the survey as this survey is designed for people currently in a casual position. If you answer 'yes', you will be able to continue on *
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