Touchet Valley Trail
Welcome to the Touchet Valley Trail survey. The proposed trail will connect the main streets of Dayton and Waitsburg and run adjacent to the existing rail line. We are conducting this survey to better understand the needs and desires of the community for the trail. Your answers will help us create the best possible trail and give us an idea of the opportunities and concerns that you might have. We will try our best to use your input in designing the project.

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Where do you live? *
What type of activities would you or your family like to do on the proposed Touchet Valley Trail? Mark all that apply. *
How often do you envision using the proposed trail?
How important are the following trail amenities to you? *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Don't Know / Don't Care
Pet waste bage dispensers / pet water dishes
Trail surface (paved, gravel, etc)
ADA accessible
Parking at or near trailheads
Maps on display
Mileage signs
Interpretive signs (history, natural environment, etc)
Water fountains
Bike racks
Lighting for dusk/dawn
Equestrian friendly trailheads
Car charging stations
What type of trail surface would you prefer?
How do you feel about the Touchet Valley Trail project?
Please rate the follow statements. A trail in our area could:
Strongly Agree
Strongly disagree
Don't know / don't care
Boost business and economic development
Increase access to community destinations
Be a good alternative to car trips
Increase home values
Enhance social interaction and community building
Enhance our community's overall health
Reduce stress and improve mental well-being
Provide ways for kids and families to be active
Offer a good way to access nature
Provide a good way to get exercise
Do you have additional comments, concerns, or questions? Please leave them here, or contact Kathryn at 509-382-2577 or
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