DVSS New Student Questionnaire
We are so excited that you've chosen to sing with us! Please answer the following questions to help us better get to know you before your first lesson.
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What is your name?
Please describe your singing experience/background. (Examples: I’m a beginner just starting to explore my voice for the first time, I only sing for karaoke, I have performed professionally before, a combination of these, etc.) Explain. *
What genre of music do you enjoy singing most? Rock, Country, Pop, A little bit of everything, other or are you not quite sure yet? *
What do you hope to gain most from your sessions at DVSS? Is there anything specific you would you like to learn? (Examples: to become more confident on stage, Work on my breath support to approach certain notes, learn to riff, etc.) *
Which best describes your personal learning style? (There’s no right or wrong answer!) *
Is there something about singing or performing that you're already really confident about? In other words, what do you love most about YOUR singing? If you’re not sure, explain what you like in general about singing. *
Do you have questions or anything else you'd like to share before your first lesson?
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