Vision and Planning Survey
Over the past few months, a Vision and Planning Committee has met with current leaders of our church, listening carefully and keeping notes. To gather more information, the Vision and Planning Committee would like to hear from you by answering the questions on this survey. The survey questions are open-ended and you are encouraged to think creatively. This is not a scientific survey as the committee is simply gathering ideas. Names need not be submitted. Thank you!!

To give you some ideas, the most common suggestions for Trinity's needs have been:
1. We need an open, welcoming, large foyer entry that leads to the sanctuary. Many suggested a common area for posting church news, with offices and bathrooms located off this area.
2. Fewer entrances to the sanctuary.
3. Rooms needed for Sunday school and confirmation plus adult education and other meeting rooms.
4. Accessibility for all areas of church.

What do you see as a challenge in our current facility?
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What would you NOT want to change or lose about our current facility?
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Have you used Trinity Center? Do you foresee using Trinity Center in the future?
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When considering our church, what are your ideas for general improvements and space needs? This is a broad question and you get to dream about what you would like to see. Feel free to express yourself!
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