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Thinking of working with us? We hope so! Here's a little more info to consider before starting your application:


We meet great people from all over the world who are on vacation and usually pretty happy and easy to serve. The surroundings are stunning, and the hot spring soaks are divine. The air is clean and crisp, you can hear the river and the birds, and walk to the pizza pub! It's warm/hot during the day in the summer, but cools off at night. A river runs through it. The staff are fun, you can have a (one) beer during your shift (if you're over 21), and it's encouraged to enjoy visiting with guests (as long as the rooms still get clean by check-in time, and people are fed, some dishes are done). It's low-key and welcoming. Free range chickens and kids and dogs. Pool. Music, live sometimes. Fishing, rafting, hiking, sleeping in hammocks. So many stars!


1. Limited housing if you aren't staying in the RV park
2. Only 3 other nearish (within 8 miles) places to go out to eat (this is perhaps a pro, depending on your outlook): The Sourdough, The South Fork, or The Lowman Inn;
3. You have to remember to bring it from Boise, order it from Amazon, recreate it from something else, or do without it
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