CyberPatriot Competition Signup
Please register for the CyberPatriot Competition. We only have 30 slots available. In order for you to be placed on a team, you must submit your $50 registration fee to Mr. Larson. You will only be considered registered if you have paid your registration fee in full and have completed this form.

All competition's will be held on Friday after the end of the school day. Competitions usually end between 9 and 10. Please make sure you have proper transportation.

Competition dates are: October 25, November 15, December 6. Semifinals are on January 24.

Training round is Sept. 5 to Oct. 1.
Practice Round is Oct. 3 - 15
We will hold normal after school club meeting to participate in these events.
First Name *
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Expertise (can choose multiple) *
Food Preference *
I am willing to bring _________ on competition nights. *
I agree to participate fully in this competition and will miss no more than one of the competition dates(excluding practice and training rounds). *
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