UMass Store Spring 2020 Influencer Application
The UMass Store is looking for FOUR (4) influencers for the Spring 2020 semester!

UMass Store influencers will be responsible for posting one picture of themselves on their Instagram at time specified by the store. This picture will feature merchandise selected by the store based on the event the influencer is selected to post about. The influencer will tag the UMass Store (@UMass_Store) in both the caption and image itself. The caption will be persuasive and energetic, prompting those that see your post to both check out the event (launch of new product, sale, holiday special, etc.) and follow the UMass Store social media platforms.
The post is to be reviewed by the UMass Store before posting.

The post must remain on your account for at least one year after posting. Influencer pictures must be high-quality and will be available for the UMass Store to post/share across its own social media platforms.

The influencer will be hired for one post and will receive a $100 gift card to the UMass Store as compensation. Terms and conditions as well as restrictions will be specified at the time the agreement is signed.

Please fill out the application below to apply. Must have 2000+ followers to be considered.
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