2017 SE PBIS Survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The PBIS Core Team is seeking feedback on our PBIS K-12 program. Input from the community is a key component of PBIS.

Thank you,
SE PBIS Core Team

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Please select your role in the Seneca East community. Mark all that apply.
If you have a student or students at SE please indicate their grade.
Do you know that SE implements PBIS in all grades K-12?
What does PBIS stand for?
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What does PAWS stand for?
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Have you attended a PBIS activity at school?
If you are interested in volunteering at PBIS sponsored events, please type your name.
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Do you feel that SE needs to send out more information about PBIS to the Seneca East Community?
How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the districts' PBIS program? (1 being least satifisfied and 10 being most satisfied)
Please provide any feedback that you feel would be beneficial for the core team to know, or suggestions on how to improve our program.
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