Stamford Student Summer Survey 2021
Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help me help the Stamford School community.
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In September I will be in:
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What "glows" about our school?
What is GREAT about the Stamford School? What makes it unique? Why is it special?
Where can our school "grow"?
What is something that could change, or that we could make better, at the Stamford School?
Changes happen all the time. Not all changes are bad or scary. Sometimes changes can be really great!
What is one thing that happens at Stamford School that SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT be changed or stopped?
Is there anything you wish we COULD change or stop doing here at Stamford School?
Use ONE WORD to describe the following:
Try to use only ONE word to describe each group of people:
Stamford Staff
Stamford Parents
Stamford Students
Fill in the Blanks:
Finish these sentences:
The hardest thing the new principal of the Stamford School will have to do is...__________________________.
A good school principal..._______________________.
One more question: What makes someone a "good student"?
Is there anything else you would like the new principal to know?
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