What criteria do you use to choose your Nursery Site?
The CRC-Field Based Working Group is conducting a survey to see what criteria your program uses or used to choose your nursery site. We would like to use a summary of this data to develop our Best Management Practice for choosing a nursery site location.
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What is the name of your organization?
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Where is your nursery located (State, Region, Country, etc..)?
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Please choose the five most important considerations made (in order of importance- 1 the most important) when you are/were choosing a site for your nursery
Bottom type (sand, rubble, hard bottom, reef)
Water quality
Water motion
Water temperature
Existing wild populations surrounding
Adjacent supportive habitat
Within protected areas (such as a MPA)
Local knowledge
Protection from storm impact
Avoiding coastal construction
Permitting constraints
Potential negative human impacts (such as avoiding highly trafficked areas, heavily fished areas, common area to anchor
Potential positive human impacts (such as using the nursery for education and citizen science, ease of access by volunteers)
Size of nursery (planning for future expansion)
Available structures (re-use of materials already deployed)
If other was selected please describe here
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Do you have any lessons learned about nursery site selection that you would like to share with us?
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Thank you for your input!
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