Saturday Nov 12th Chilli-Paddle-Wack Online Registration Form
Dear Pickleball Fans,

It is with sadness we discovered this past Friday that my wife Cheryl has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma; stage IV brain cancer. While this news has been so difficult to process and fully understand the severity of her diagnosis, we remain hopeful and optimistic. If you'd like more info on what's transpired you're welcome to read more on her blog here:

I was really hoping to still do this tournament, but unfortunately I don’t feel like I’ve got the mental capacity to complete the organizing, nor orchestrate the running of this tournament on Saturday.

However, we would like to invite you all to come out and play anyways. We will open the gym from 10am till 3pm (or a bit later) for you to come and play with us. We will still have food (chilli, cold cuts, etc) and we can setup paper tournaments with those who wish to play. We will have 8 courts set up ready to play and you’re welcome to play for free (or make a donation to help pay for the rental).

Here is a link to Rosedale Elementary:

Again, I apologize for these last minute changes and thank you for your understanding.



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