Federal Programs Parent Survey
"Together...Developing Leaders One Student at a Time- Every Time!"
The purpose of this survey is part of an ongoing effort to communicate with the parents of our school district in order to meet our students' needs more effectively.
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Thank you for providing us with valuable feedback.
During this time of off-site instruction due to Covid-19, the school district provided meal service. Please provide us feedback on what was successful and/or what needs to be improved. *
If you did not participate in the meal service provided daily, please tell us why. *
Each Thursday schools distributed AMI packets. Please provide us feedback on what was successful and/or what needs to be improved. *
If in the future schools are closed again due to Covid-19, which method of instruction do you prefer? *
What are your concerns about your child returning to school in August? *
Using the scale below, please rate the level of stress for your child/family trying to balance home life, school work, and/or scheduling during this time of off-site instruction. *
No Stress
Extremely Stressful
What are your suggestions for increasing parent attendance at school functions such as open house, family nights, literacy nights, parent/teacher conferences, etc. *
What time of day is best for you to attend meetings at the school district? *
I have the resources and support I need to help me assist my student's choices about a career and/or college. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Prior to Covid-19 and off-sight instruction, how often did your child's teacher contact you? *
How has the communication with your child's teacher been during this time of off-site instruction? (how has it changed, what methods were used, etc...) *
By what method do you prefer to be contacted by the teacher? *
How often do you access our school district website www.mpvschools.com? *
How often do you access HAC (Home Access Center) from our school district home page? *
How often do you access the Mulberry/Pleasant View School Facebook page? *
During this time of off-site instruction, many teachers created individual Facebook pages for their classrooms. Did you find this beneficial? *
How often do you access the Mulberry/Pleasant View app? *
How do you learn about upcoming school functions? (check all that apply) *
School leadership actively encourages parents to participate in the decision making process of the school. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Do you have internet access?
Clear selection
How can the school district help to ensure your child has access to internet if remote learning is required in the future?
If your child attended after school tutoring, how effective did you feel the program was in meeting your child's needs?
Not Effective
Very Effective
Clear selection
What kind of programs/activities would you like to see implemented in Summer School? (Even if not offered this summer, we still need to plan for the future.)
Please add any other thoughts, questions, concerns, and/or suggestions to help us plan for possible Covid-19 related planning in the future.
Please provide the Health and Wellness Committee with any suggestions you have for how MPV can improve the overall health and wellness of our students, families, and/or staff.
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